Notice: API is now switched to Mino!! For any issues join the Discord

Is there a Discord server?

Yes there is, and you can join it right here! You are free to send bug reports or just interact with other members!

How do I play?

The default buttons are the left and right mouse buttons and the Z and X keys, which can be changed in the settings. The circles that appear on the game screen are called strike circles. When the circle outside the circle shrinks and just falls on the circle, click the circle. Some circles are long sliders, you need to hold down click on the circle and follow it to comple the slider. When a large blue circle appears on the screen, click and hold the then quickly spin around the center of the circle.

The cursor movement seems to be a bit delayed?

Try to enable the "Enable system cursor" option in the settings, which can reduce the delay of cursor feedback. However, some operating systems or browsers may have problems such as flickering or inability to display the cursor, so it's turned off by default. In addition, the current cursor size adjustment of the hardware cursor is only fixed to 3 levels, the smallest value is displayed below 0.65, and the largest value is displayed above 0.95.

The game is freezing/very choppy what do I do?

You can uncheck "Use system resolution" in the settings and set the resolution to a value lower than 100%. It is recommended to avoid high CPU usage, close other tabs of the browser or close other applications. Please make sure you are using a mainstream modern browser (such as Firefox, Chrome).

Why is the site blank?

It may be that the API that provides the beatmaps is broken/offline. You can check if that's the case by looking here: Mino, if so wait and come back later. To prevent this add beatmaps to your favorites and they will not be affected by API errors.

Can I upload a beatmap from a local osz file?

Not yet.